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SM & YG Entertainment

A role-playing community starring the stars of SM and YG Ent.

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Welcome to Project SM / YG, a role playing community on LiveJournal that centers around two of the largest entertainment agencies in South Korea. They are the labels of some of the hottest musicians and entertainers in Korea -- BoA*, KangTa, TaeBin/Danny, Seven, to name a few.

The role play is set mostly where YG and SM Entertainment is rooted -- Korea. However, both companies have extended to farther parts of Asia, like Japan and China. Wherever your role play is set depends on where your chosen character is currently stationed. However, both SM and YG Entertainment are headquartered in Seoul -- as that is the capital and largest city in South Korea, it can also be considered a place that is familiar to all characters and where they might live (and if for whatever reason your character's whereabouts are unknown to you, you can put them there for conveniency's sake).

If you're a literate role player, with good quality grammatical and spelling skills, please consider joining us! But first, please read the rules and then post an application and wait to be accepted or rejected.

The rules/regulations, application form, and other miscellaneous bits of information are below. Please be sure to read all of it, especially the rules, because your chances of even being considered for this role play are totally dependent on whether or not you read the rules!

But also, don't think the are a bunch of hard-ass bitches. We're not! We're really quite nice and stuff. It's not that hard to be accepted -- you just have to have an original character and good grammar and spelling skills. We just want to practice good judgement and discretion, to preserve the skill, level of enjoyment gained, and (hopeful) reputation of this RPG!

* * *


01. Be literate.
     - This means: Good grammar and spelling skills. "U" is a letter, not a word. No abbreviations, net-speak ("u r c%l, lol" etc), or short-hand of any kind is allowed while role playing. Also, please don't TyPe lYk DiS OR LIKE THIS IN ALL CAPS -- it's very annoying and tedious to read, and - bluntly - makes you look rather stupid.

02. Be considerate.
     - Definition: This is an RPG - a role playing game. We're here to have fun, not to get bitched at. Don't be rude to the other members/patrons OOC, and especially do not bring IC disagreements into OOC situations. If you don't like a member, or their character, don't take it out on them -- just leave them alone. We can all be mature about this, right? We're not in elementary school.

03. Have good judgement.
     - Definition: Show discretion! Language and sexual encounters are allowed in this role play, but if you want to post a log of a role play in the community, please put it behind a cut, and put warnings before -- try to give a rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17/X) and then explain why it has such a rating (language, violence, sexual content, etc). But let us make this clear: Project SMYG is NOT a sexual RP community! The purpose of this community is to bring roleplayers together and have fun, not to share porno novels. NC-17/X rated logs are allowed to be shared, but they MUST BE UNDER FRIENDS ONLY CUTS. Everything else MUST BE PUBLIC.

04. Obey Your Gods Mods
     - Definition: Ricadonna (who plays BoA, aka sweetest_virtue) and Andi (who plays KangTa, aka angeleyes_kt), are your moderators, and must be obeyed. They wrote the rules, and expect them to be followed. If you have a question concerning the rules/regulations, please don't hestitate to Ricadonna or Andi. Better yet, IM either of them and ask. Do not ask questions related to this community in their personal journals.

But! If you play vigilante, and take the "law" into your own hands, about something or other, and you break any amount of rules in the process, you'll be warned or kicked out of the community. If we deem it necessary, you might also be banned from the community.

If there's a problem, we'll handle it the best way we can. Just remember, the best way to keep from getting caught is not getting in trouble in the first place -- the rules are here for a reason, and that is to be followed. Our word is law here.

5. The Code
     - Definition: To make sure you read the rules, the subject line of your first (application) post should be "life of the new century". If you don't put this in your subject line, your application won't even be read, much less considered.

06. UPDATE As Much As Possible!
     - Definition: Try to update your journal at least every week; if you can't, try at least two or three times a month. Just remember, if you're in-active, we can kick you out of the role play without warning. But we do know that things can come up, so just announce in the community that you'll be away from the computer or unable to update for X amount of time. We'll work something out.

07. Be Social
     - Definition: Don't be a hermit, and expect people to IM you. Add the members' characters' screen-names to your AIM buddy list, and IM them when in the mood for chatting them up and/or role playing. If they're online, it is safe to assume that they are up for either! Don't worry about being seen as dumb or anything -- we're all here to enjoy ourselves. Besides... it's the internet. This person doesn't know you!

08. Have Fun!!
     - Definition: Do we really need to define this for you? Well, all right... Have fun, as this is a game, but not at the expense of others.

Rules will be added as deemed necessary, and THE CODE will change every other month!

* * *


(Take the stars ( * ) out of the LJ Cut code!)
<*lj-cut text="Application">

Yahoo! ID:
Private Journal:
Extra Notes:

Full Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Character AIM:
Character Yahoo!:
Character's Journal:
Extra Notes:
Sample Post:
(Just give us a taste of your role playing, spelling, and grammar abilities... This is what will be deciding whether you're accepted or rejected.)

After posting your application, wait until one of the MODS replies with the "Accepted!" or "Rejected!" comment to your post. DO NOT START RPING IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ACCEPTED YET!

* * *


For the most part, role play is done through AIM or Yahoo! messenger. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to play through an instant messaging program, role play through journals is fine. If this is the case, make a rating.

All right, all done! Pretty painless and simple, right? If we add anything here, we'll put an announcement in the community. But now that you READ THE RULES, post an application!


((RULES last modified: Friday, June 12, 2005))

Good sites to take a look at for information on SM and YG Entertainment (in English) are The (USA) SM Club and Project [Y.G].

DISCLAIMER: Livejournal community Project_SMYG is in no way directly connected to YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, or its affiliates. The community's moderators are not responsible for comments/opinions expressed by the members and or visitors of Project_SMYG. By joining Project_SMYG, you agree to abide by these rules and regulations, and this disclaimer.