No MinWoo (_vam_psyco_ire) wrote in project_smyg,
No MinWoo

Life of the new century

Name/Handle:  Kacey
Gender: Female
Age: 13
AIM S/N:  Funkii x Fresh
Yahoo! ID: Kommunistic_Kisses
Private Journal: Funkii___Fresh
Extra Notes: Eh Sample post is kinda icky..and i think i got this down the right way -nods-.

Full Name: No MinWoo
Stagename/Nicknames: Rose
Label: SME
Gender: Male
Birthdate: May/29/1986
Age:19 (20)
Sexual Orientation: Bi.
Character AIM: Rose x Trax
Character Yahoo!: N/a
Character's Journal:Vam_Psyco_Pire
Extra Notes:
Sample Post: The young drummer sighed as he dropped his bag behind the door of his appartment. He was tired, and it was all because of Jet lag. He sliped his shoes off and dragged himself over to the couch in the living. Before Ploping down on it he saw a little note on the table he picked it up and read. "Took care of dorothy for you,Also left you a surprise in the fridge, -mom"  a childish smile appeared on his face as the drummer heard his little dog come out of the bed room and into the living room jumping up on him and cuddling up closely to him. This was the way MinWoo spent his night, Asleep on the couch..with his dog. [hope this was okies]

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