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life of the new century

Name/Handle: Mai
Gender: Female
Age: 18
AIM S/N: oiamaio
Yahoo! ID: n/a
Private Journal: idioticinsanity
Extra Notes: o_o xD

Full Name: Jeong YoonHo
Stagename/Nicknames: U Know, Yoon
Label: SM
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 02/16/86
Age: 20 (Korean years)
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Character AIM: oiamaio
Character Yahoo!: n/a
Character's Journal: y0u_l0se <~zeros
Extra Notes: o_o xD
Sample Post: Jeong YoonHo was exhausted. But not in a bad way--no, it was far from being that. He was grinning even as he took a bottle of water, unscrewed it, and poured it all down his body.

The show had gone well. Gone beyond well, actually. Who knew that American fans could be so rowdy? Not that it mattered to him. He'd had a great time. The screaming had only motivated him and made him want to do his best.

It was clear that the girls that showed up held high expectations for him and the rest of DBSK. Rather than that making him nervous, it had only made him want to prove to them that their support wasn't wasted.

All of DBSK, he knew, felt pretty much the same. That was why they had worked their butts off in the weeks preparing for the show. And it had paid off. The fans were screaming for an encore by the end. Which had been the intent.

He smiled and decided that his bandmates deserved flowers for all the hard work and effort they'd put into making the show a successful one. Making a mental note, he grabbed another bottle of water and headed for the dressing room, where food was supposed to have been laid out already for the performaners.
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