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life of the new century

Name/Handle: Ricadonna (or) Yan-yan
Gender: Female
Age: 1X
Yahoo! ID: black_winter_skies
Private Journal: ricadonna
Extra Notes: Hi, I'm your mod. :D Call me Ricadonna, or Donna.

Full Name: Kwon Boa
Stagename/Nicknames: BoA*
Label: SM
Gender: Female
Birthdate: November 05, 1986
Age: Literally 18, but she is considered 19 by the Korean standards of being a year old the day you are born.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Character AIM: ex citylove
Character Yahoo!: None.
Character's Journal: sweetest_virtue
Extra Notes: Umm... None. :D;;
Sample Post: "What was the loneliest time you have experienced, to date?" asked the reporter, looking up from her notes to BoA.

Rewind to the making of the DBSG's Hot Mail video, for 2004 Summer Vacation in SMTown(.com). That feeling of not fitting in as a child had been repeated during the week of rehearsing and fimling. Though it was a song that was under DBSG's name, Lee Soo hadn't bothered making it subtle that she was a  -- if not the -- favorite. They had fit her in as many places they could, and it hadn't made the other singers happy, to say the least.

She remembered feeling grateful that at least the DBSG boys paid attention to her, trying to make her feel as welcome as possible. They didn't mind sharing the spotlight -- Boa assumed it came from sharing it with each other all the time. But they were the type of people that were nice to everyone, and had to be in most of the scenes, so they really didn't get to make her feel as welcome as she liked. Even when she tried being friendly with the girls, she was always given the cold shoulder, or -- worse -- made fun of. It was like school all over again, and being the teacher's pet that everyone hated.

Boa sighed, and gave her usual answer: "While I was in Japan on my own for the first time, working. My friends and family couldn't visit because of the flight or because of my schedule. It was very painful." No need to start trouble within the company, after all. She had to see them everyday.

The reporter gave her a small sympathetic smile, and went down to the next question. Boa sighed, and listened.

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